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note to self: pocket cat

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prepare for high school then prepare for college then prepare for your career then prepare for retirement then you’re dead 

then prepare for skeleton war


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My friend’s dog had 14 puppies. This is how they’re kept out of trouble while she cleans the house

oh my god

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Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow join Jimmy Kimmel for a mini Friends reunion skit

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“‘Men get raped and molested,’ should be a whole sentence. If you have to tack on the word ‘too,’ then you’re using the experience of male victims to silence females instead of giving them their own space.”

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Not sure if I’ve reblogged this before but it always bears repeating.

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I thought I was gonna be mad but then no. So good. Yes. Please.

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I had a dream last night that Jesus finally resurrected and when white people found out he wasn’t white they arrested him for 2000 something years of tax evasion  

"I spent like 10 years of my life pretending to fly around on a broomstick and you’re asking me if preparing for a love scene was ‘tricky’ because the other person also had a penis?"

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Laverne Cox stanning for Beyoncé at the VMAs

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She wears short skirts I wear t-shirts and we’re both getting sent home from school because its distracting to boys apparently

okay this one made me laugh

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Secret beach in Dunsborough

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